Saturday, 1 December 2012

Polka dot head scarf - stolen from my Mumma
Vintage brown and grey 1950s shirt - stolen from my mum too
Brown fur coat - from my grandma
Black cotton strapless dress - All Saints
Black socks rolled down with black Chelsea boots (not pictured) - Salvation Army

Last night I went to Soho to check out rockabilly club night; The Golden Pompadour. Hosted every Friday night at St Moritz on Wardour Street, a really lovely little venue with lots of character, it seemed like it could be a great night. Unfortunately I had to leave before the bands started to catch the last train home.
I actually ended up missing the train and had to stay at my cousins, got about two hours sleep before getting up at 5.30am to wander the streets of Acton (new territory to me) to try and find the tube station, travel halfway across London to Victoria to get the train home and then back out again half hour after I got home to get to work. Calamity!


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