Sunday, 30 June 2013

People are rude.

I got told I looked a mess by a stranger today. It's bothered me purely because of how rude and stupid people are. I don't care what the guy in the Hollister t-shirt thinks of the way I look, but I care that he thinks I do/should. It's definitely not the first time I've had someone pass judgement but some times more than others it bothers me that people have such over inflated self importance and belief that their own opinion is the be all and end all.

Anyway, it's just made me wanna look even 'weirder'. 

I do however look incredibly tiered cause I got about 3 hours sleep and did a 7 hour shift at work. I'm not sure why, I just woke up at 5.30am for no reason and couldn't get back to sleep.

Headband - Primark, shirt & necklace - Forever 21, skirt - American Apparel, shoes - Urban Outfitters


Saturday, 29 June 2013

Taco Belle

I bought this top a couple of years ago when I visited a friend in Nottingham and have never worn it. It's one of many things that have just sat in my wardrobe for far too long. I think from now on, maybe once a week, I'll  take something I've never worn before and try working it in to an outfit. And if I can't then I'll sell it. Because I have far too many clothes and not enough space!

Top - Vintage
Shirt - Primark
Skirt - Second hand
Boots - Office

Since Rob started working, we've not had a lot of time together so today we decided to do something really romantic & go on a long anticipated pilgrimage to Taco Bell. It was beautiful. Someone told me that they give you free Taco Bell if you have a Taco Bell tattoo. I need to find out if this is true because if it is, I'm getting a Taco Bell tattoo.

We also finally tried the bubblegum ice cream milk shakes from Millie's Cookies & they were amazing. 

Despite the afore mentioned abundance of clothes, I was in the middle of a shopping centre and there were sales everywhere so I ended up coming home with some new things. 

Black cropped sweatshirt, pink jumper, blue & pink high waist shorts - all Topshop, jeans & ring - Forever 21

Does anyone else have the terrible habit of buying stuff they never end up wearing? If you do, what's your solution? 


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

FILM: Wishful Thinking

The end of college is fast approaching & I've been quite busy the past few weeks finishing essays. My boyfriend has just started a new full time job, so I've been stuck indoors alone quite a bit. Not wanting to put on anything too distracting but interesting enough to keep me sane whilst writing about the history of the bra, I've taken the opportunity of having free reign of what to watch and been watching anything I can find on Netflix featuring Drew Barrymore.

Not one of her greatest films (she's great in it, but the film itself wasn't amazing), Wishful Thinking was worth watching purely for Ms Barrymore's wardrobe.

I've picked out my favourites below. (scroll through to see them all)

Drew Barrimore Movie Marathon by kouraanthrax on

The costume design was by a man named David C. Robinson, who (among a lot of other things) did the costume design for Zoolander. Mila Jovovich's outfits in that films are just amazing, expect a blog post on that at some point <3


Monday, 24 June 2013



Dress / Jumpers sweater / Shirt / Sleeveless shirtCrop top / Nylon pants / Shorts / Bra top / Polka dot tights / Wellington boots  / AirBed / Sports bag / Backpack / Wu Tang pendant / Gold chain / Flower headband / Cateye sunglasses / Marc Jacobs perfume / Tent / Mermaid clips / Sleeping Bag / Wet wipes / Liquor Flask

So Bestival isn't for another two months but it's the start of festival season and I'm getting prepared early this year! The theme is 'nautical' so the natural costume choice is mermaid! I'll also be taking a lot of basics and travelling as light as possible and taking only essentials 'cause the worst part of the whole thing (other than the loos) is having to haul a tonne of stuff for 12 hours through all the queueing. 

Festival essentials

Camping stuff: The general rule seems to be - double the tent size for how many people there are. A one man tent is not comfortably big enough for one person and their stuff. So if there's two of you in a tent, you'll need a 4 man tent. Also, it's worth bringing a few items of clothing less to fit in an airbed. Nothing puts you in a worse mood for the day than getting a bad night's sleep and waking up achey. And depending on the time of year, bring an extra blanket or jumper to sleep in because it will get super cold, especially if you've been basking in the sunshine all day. 

Wet wipes: Not only are you going to want to make sure you take off your makeup before you pass out, if the showers aren't all that or the queues are ridiculous, you'll need these to freshen up!

Rain mac & wellies : You can never predict what the weather is going to do. Even if it's forecast clear skies and sunshine, there's a chance it will rain. This won't ruin your weekend but getting soaked through will, so be prepared for all circumstances.   

Sun glasses & sun tan lotion: I always buy a cheap pair of sunglasses for a festival because there are so many chances they'll get lost, broken or stolen. And no one wants to end up red and burnt, so lotion up!

Headscarf/hat & dry shampoo: You're looking at potentially 4/5 days without being able to wash your hair here. I recommend making sure you pack some dry shampoo and a bandana and going for the Rosie the Riveter look towards the end of the weekend.

Snacks: Even if you're planning to buy all your food there, it's worth bringing some for when you're drunk and need to line your stomach a bit. Ideally dry foods, high in carbs, that don't need refrigerating and wont stink your tent out once opened. Biscuits, crackers, crisps and cereal bars are all on my list. 

As with the sunglasses, I'd recommend not taking any items of clothing that are super special. I never take anything too expensive or irreplaceable because there's a chance it'll get wrecked, lost or stolen so I'll be taking primark basics and jewellery that I wont cry over if it get's broken. Also, I've taken my phone the past couple of years but it's really not worth it. The first year the battery ran out super quick and the second year, I managed to conserve battery but I couldn't get signal all weekend so it was useless as anything other than a camera. If you need to, get a cheap pay as you go phone and take a cheap digital or disposable camera! I always think 35mm photos are way nicer than digital anyway. Happy camping! <3


Tuesday, 18 June 2013



LBS by kouraanthrax featuring a maxi skirt

Warehouse maxi skirt / Mango maxi skirt / American Apparel long skirt, $31 / Forever 21 maxi skirt / Maxi skirt, $24 / River Island maxi skirt, $31 / Boohoo maxi skirt / South New Maxi Skirt |, $13 / Jameela Jamil Chiffon Maxi Skirt, $9.44 / South Volume Maxi Skirt |, $10

I've been wearing a lot of maxi/midi skirts over the past year, mostly quite garish floral ones I've found in charity shops but what with the rise in numbers of crop tops in my wardrobe, and the sudden flourish of colour (six months ago, most of the things I owned were black) I was after something floaty, high waist and plain for when I don't feel like wearing jeans.

Initially I wanted an opaque jersey maxi but after some consideration I decided that it'd probably make me look even shorter than I do already. The sheer maxi's aren't so blocky so they're more suited to my height.

I tried a few but I was looking for one that fits just above my belly button and comes to just below my calves. Being 5"3 I've struggled to find one that's tight enough round the waist and not so long I'm going to trip over it all the time (I'm super clumsy as it is so I don't need any more help tripping up). 

I found a couple of cute ones in Primark and Forever 21 and some super cheap ones on but I settled on an American Apparel one that was half price on ASOS. It seems to be about the right length and their small's are usually a good fit. It doesn't have an underskirt but I have stuff I can wear under it and this also gives me more freedom to wear different lengths under it.


Monday, 17 June 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist

Acne leather jacket / American Apparel Disco Pants  / Kitty Pants  / Double Strap Heart Garter / Swim suit / Black ankle boots / Melissa aqua shoes / Shoes / Mel Blue Toffee Apple Pumps / Disney Couture Jewelry / Hello Kitty iPhone case / Beanie hat  / Black hat  / Nintendo 3DS XL Special Edition Console with Pre Loaded Animal Crossing / Disney Couture Icon Snow White Opening Treasure Chest Ring / Luella's Guide to English Style Luella Bartley / Moomin Flask Woodlands / Halfords | Pendleton Somerby Hybrid Bike - 17"

I'm not sure how to tackle this as there's loads of stuff so I'm just going to go clockwise from the bottom and ramble about things.

VW Mel boots: I want these boots so that I can wear them every time it rains and be happy rather than sad that I'm going to look like a drowned rat when I reach my destination. 
✧ Mel Toffee Apple shoes: Everything in my life is blue at the moment. Except my shoes. I want more blue shoes.
 Disco Pants: I've wanted a pair for a couple of years now and these mint ones are probably super impractical because I'll get them dirty as soon as I put them on but everyone has black ones and I want to be a snowflake.
✧ Kitty pants: I don't need to explain why I want these. The rest of the stuff in this collection (feat. bears, pink bunnies and bodysuits) is just as adorable. Go check it out.
 Anything at all from the Fast Food Paperchase collection: Once it's gone it's gone and I want all of it to furnish my Peter Pan house (no I will never grow up and stop loving food with faces).
✧ Topshop sandals: Someone's solarized me and I've gone from all black everything to pastels, white and sunshine. I also really want some Mary Jane dolly shoes. These tick all the boxes.
 Nintendo DS XL - Animal Crossing special edition: I know I really don't need this but I recently started playing Animal Crossing again and this is just so cute. I'm totally romanticising this and looking at it as a mini laptop/PDA (I don't think it has the functionality of that at all and that's exactly what my phone is) but I've come *so* close to buying this on credit so many times the past few days, and that's something I swore I'd never do. Nintendo's got a dangerous hold on me.
✧ Various jewellery: Disney Couture - the range has been flagging a bit recently but there's still been a few things that make me wanna cry cause they're so beautiful, including these. Unicorn ring - duh. Fuck off necklace - because sometimes people need an extra hint. Burger ring - If my boyfriend wants to marry me ever, then this is the ring I want to be presented to me when he proposes. Preferably on top of a cheeseburger. The company that makes these also make customisable necklaces where you choose the fillings and you can even put little top hats or bows on top. Sometimes I question humanity, things like this restore my faith.
✧ Moomin flask: I never get time to finish my tea before I leave the house & the take away cup I have is great unless I need to walk super fast to get to the station (which is always) and then it just splashes all over my hand/arm/sometimes face so I'd like a thermos so I can just chuck it in my bag and drink it on the train. Also Moomins. 
✧ Bike: I can't work out if this is a good idea or not. I need to exercise more and feel like bike riding might be a nice way to do that & a cheap way to get around, however I went out bike riding with my Dad for the first time in what must be about 10 years and spent most of the 15 minutes we were out with my feet on the floor pushing myself along. I eventually got myself going but I don't think I could ride on roads, I'd be straight under a bus.
✧ Swimsuit: Like bike riding, I haven't been swimming in a very long time. I think I was 17 the last time I had reason to put on a swimsuit and whilst I might not have grown much since then, I think it might be time to retire the bikini that never really fit that well in the first place. This style is really classic and I'd wanna wear it off the beach too!
✧ Garters: I went through a little phase a few years ago where I got brave enough to wear suspenders & stockings out but the hassle of going to the loo, (are you meant to put them over or under your underwear? I don't know) meant it was short lived. However, these are beautiful and seem a lot more practical.


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

✧♡ Come on Barbie, let's go party ♡✧

Gold rope chain - Cancer Research, Barbie long sleeve crop top - eBay, high waist acid wash Levis - Urban Outfitters, black hi top Nikes - Outlet

Since finding my mum's no doubt CD's around the age of 13, I've been super in love with Gwen Stefani & she's always been a big influence on how I dress. She's the reason I bleached my hair when I was 17 and first dared to wear red lipstick. I think she might have even been partly responsible for me falling for pin up style. 
After having black hair for two years, I needed a change, and not being one to do things by halves, I went blue. Since then I've found myself channeling 90's Gwen Stefani as you may or may not be able to tell. Ha. xo

Monday, 10 June 2013

Flower headband, polka dot pinafore & white socks - Primark, long sleeve black top - GAP, Dr Martens 1461's

I picked up this really cute little 90's style print pinafore dress today. Aside from basics, I don't go in to Primark a lot, but when I do go in I always have to go check out what's in the kids section! I'm usually a 6-8 but apparently I have the build of a 12-13 year old girl. If it means I can pick up cute dresses like this for £8, I'm totally fine with that. 

I also cut a whole load of my hair off today! I was going to wait and get it done properly, but as I always I got impatient and just went at it with my cheapo hair dressing scissors. It's kinda 1960's bouffant-esque and minus 3 inches of split ends, it looks a lot healthier!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

✿ Gunning for Summer, stuck in Spring ✿

Cropped fur coat & body suit - Forever 21, gold rope chain & netball skirt - charity shop, super sparkly ring & pink pastel socks - Primark, Dr Martens 1461s

I've been co ordinating everything with my hair since dying it and there's been so many things at work that I've been tempted by. I'm in love with this bodysuit, it looks like it should be vintage and the colours in it are just perfect. The photo doesn't show them very well but my socks are the same pink as the bodysuit. They were a 4 pack of pastel colours from Primark and ideal for adding the finishing touches to an outfit. 

More pre emptive summer purchases - all from Forever 21

Summer has been taking it's sweet time arriving but I'm hoping for a late summer so it's nice and sunny for Bestival!


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cat sitting

Sunglasses & dress - Forever 21, sweatshirt - re-homed from a friend (I forgot to give it back), socks - Primark, shoes - Urban Outfitters

This week I have been cat sitting for my Dad while he's on holiday. We've had some beautiful sunshine, yet I've still managed to look like a total princess of darkness. Not the most exciting of outfits but I've got the ombre thing going on with my hair finally!

L to R: Rat eats cat food as cat sits and watches, cat is kept out of the way after proving useless in rat catching attempts

Whilst at my Dads, we had a bit of a Tom and Jerry style fiasco with Mog and a rat that was running rings round her after she brought it in to play. She was literally sat watching it as it ate her food, it then ran through her legs and jumped in to one of my Dad's work boots. We had to shut her in the house so we could go and release it outside without her bringing it straight back in again (which she still managed to do later on anyway).