Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cat sitting

Sunglasses & dress - Forever 21, sweatshirt - re-homed from a friend (I forgot to give it back), socks - Primark, shoes - Urban Outfitters

This week I have been cat sitting for my Dad while he's on holiday. We've had some beautiful sunshine, yet I've still managed to look like a total princess of darkness. Not the most exciting of outfits but I've got the ombre thing going on with my hair finally!

L to R: Rat eats cat food as cat sits and watches, cat is kept out of the way after proving useless in rat catching attempts

Whilst at my Dads, we had a bit of a Tom and Jerry style fiasco with Mog and a rat that was running rings round her after she brought it in to play. She was literally sat watching it as it ate her food, it then ran through her legs and jumped in to one of my Dad's work boots. We had to shut her in the house so we could go and release it outside without her bringing it straight back in again (which she still managed to do later on anyway).


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