Monday, 10 June 2013

Flower headband, polka dot pinafore & white socks - Primark, long sleeve black top - GAP, Dr Martens 1461's

I picked up this really cute little 90's style print pinafore dress today. Aside from basics, I don't go in to Primark a lot, but when I do go in I always have to go check out what's in the kids section! I'm usually a 6-8 but apparently I have the build of a 12-13 year old girl. If it means I can pick up cute dresses like this for £8, I'm totally fine with that. 

I also cut a whole load of my hair off today! I was going to wait and get it done properly, but as I always I got impatient and just went at it with my cheapo hair dressing scissors. It's kinda 1960's bouffant-esque and minus 3 inches of split ends, it looks a lot healthier!

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