Monday, 8 July 2013

Chatham High Street doesn't want me for a sunbeam.

Sunglasses & body suit - Forever 21, shorts & skirt - American Apparel, shoes - Dr Martens

I've been wearing this skirt a lot since I bought it, it's really versatile and goes with so much. I also like that whilst I'm wearing an ankle length skirt I can be a bit cheeky & wear short shorts underneath that I wouldn't normally wear out in the middle of the day.

Today I went for lunch with my mama 'cause it's my birthday tomorrow & she's working so I wont really get to see her. We went to a cafe that we used to go to when I was little & did a bit of pre birthday shopping (photos to come later as some of the stuff has been taken hostage til my actual birthday!).



  1. That outfit is ridiiculously cute, I had no idea Forever 21 even sold bodysuits!

    1. Thank you! <3
      Yeah, they only have them in occasionally but I bought this one and a really cute polka dot one too! Definitely worth keeping an eye out! x

  2. Loving this outfit, and can I just say your hair is frickin' AWESOME!

  3. love it all! especially the hair <3