Friday, 2 August 2013

Black bobble hat - New Look, polka dot bodysuit - Forever 21, jeans - Levis, Shoes - Dr Martens

The blue is gone (mostly) I kinda miss it already :( I've left the ends blue but it needs a trim so they probably wont survive the chop. I'm so terrible with dying my hair, I get bored too quickly!

I started working at Cybercandy again last week! Rob came up to meet me after work one day and we went to get burritos from Chipotle 'cause I've been wanting to go there for ages. They were so good. And gigantic. 



  1. Lovin the highwaisted acid washed denim/ polka dots. Ahhh and the burrito fist was rad.

  2. Love your style! This outfit is perfect! (:
    Nice blog, dear!