Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Hendersons

I sometimes take for granted how much there actually is going on in the little town I live in. Growing up I think I always had a bad case of 'grass is greener', especially living so close to London, but as I get older I've started to notice that there's some really exciting, beautiful and inspiring little gems right on my doorstep.
One little gem I'm very excited about is a little shop on Rochester High Street called The Hendersons.

I first became aware of The Hendersons when I attended The Rochester Flea about a year ago. A beautiful assortment of handmade jewellery, homeware and furniture, every piece just felt like it was picked with love and care. 

Walking in to their new HQ was like walking into a Wes Anderson film. Everything is just so beautifully presented. The setting perfectly compliments their wares and really ties everything together. I just wanted to move in! 

Photo from The Hendersons Facebook

Not only do they stock lovely vintage finds and unique brands, they have their own collection of handmade items including these beautiful concrete planters!

If you live in Medway (or nearby), please go check it out. It's just magical. And we need to support innovative and creative places like this that really enhance the place we live. 

Follow them on Facebook to see what they've got in store.
And have a look at their website to shop online!


  1. that store looks so cute!

  2. These photos are great! Little stores with their own unique character are so special. :)

  3. Thank you! They are! And so important too x