Monday, 17 June 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist

Acne leather jacket / American Apparel Disco Pants  / Kitty Pants  / Double Strap Heart Garter / Swim suit / Black ankle boots / Melissa aqua shoes / Shoes / Mel Blue Toffee Apple Pumps / Disney Couture Jewelry / Hello Kitty iPhone case / Beanie hat  / Black hat  / Nintendo 3DS XL Special Edition Console with Pre Loaded Animal Crossing / Disney Couture Icon Snow White Opening Treasure Chest Ring / Luella's Guide to English Style Luella Bartley / Moomin Flask Woodlands / Halfords | Pendleton Somerby Hybrid Bike - 17"

I'm not sure how to tackle this as there's loads of stuff so I'm just going to go clockwise from the bottom and ramble about things.

VW Mel boots: I want these boots so that I can wear them every time it rains and be happy rather than sad that I'm going to look like a drowned rat when I reach my destination. 
✧ Mel Toffee Apple shoes: Everything in my life is blue at the moment. Except my shoes. I want more blue shoes.
 Disco Pants: I've wanted a pair for a couple of years now and these mint ones are probably super impractical because I'll get them dirty as soon as I put them on but everyone has black ones and I want to be a snowflake.
✧ Kitty pants: I don't need to explain why I want these. The rest of the stuff in this collection (feat. bears, pink bunnies and bodysuits) is just as adorable. Go check it out.
 Anything at all from the Fast Food Paperchase collection: Once it's gone it's gone and I want all of it to furnish my Peter Pan house (no I will never grow up and stop loving food with faces).
✧ Topshop sandals: Someone's solarized me and I've gone from all black everything to pastels, white and sunshine. I also really want some Mary Jane dolly shoes. These tick all the boxes.
 Nintendo DS XL - Animal Crossing special edition: I know I really don't need this but I recently started playing Animal Crossing again and this is just so cute. I'm totally romanticising this and looking at it as a mini laptop/PDA (I don't think it has the functionality of that at all and that's exactly what my phone is) but I've come *so* close to buying this on credit so many times the past few days, and that's something I swore I'd never do. Nintendo's got a dangerous hold on me.
✧ Various jewellery: Disney Couture - the range has been flagging a bit recently but there's still been a few things that make me wanna cry cause they're so beautiful, including these. Unicorn ring - duh. Fuck off necklace - because sometimes people need an extra hint. Burger ring - If my boyfriend wants to marry me ever, then this is the ring I want to be presented to me when he proposes. Preferably on top of a cheeseburger. The company that makes these also make customisable necklaces where you choose the fillings and you can even put little top hats or bows on top. Sometimes I question humanity, things like this restore my faith.
✧ Moomin flask: I never get time to finish my tea before I leave the house & the take away cup I have is great unless I need to walk super fast to get to the station (which is always) and then it just splashes all over my hand/arm/sometimes face so I'd like a thermos so I can just chuck it in my bag and drink it on the train. Also Moomins. 
✧ Bike: I can't work out if this is a good idea or not. I need to exercise more and feel like bike riding might be a nice way to do that & a cheap way to get around, however I went out bike riding with my Dad for the first time in what must be about 10 years and spent most of the 15 minutes we were out with my feet on the floor pushing myself along. I eventually got myself going but I don't think I could ride on roads, I'd be straight under a bus.
✧ Swimsuit: Like bike riding, I haven't been swimming in a very long time. I think I was 17 the last time I had reason to put on a swimsuit and whilst I might not have grown much since then, I think it might be time to retire the bikini that never really fit that well in the first place. This style is really classic and I'd wanna wear it off the beach too!
✧ Garters: I went through a little phase a few years ago where I got brave enough to wear suspenders & stockings out but the hassle of going to the loo, (are you meant to put them over or under your underwear? I don't know) meant it was short lived. However, these are beautiful and seem a lot more practical.


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