Tuesday, 18 June 2013



LBS by kouraanthrax featuring a maxi skirt

Warehouse maxi skirt / Mango maxi skirt / American Apparel long skirt, $31 / Forever 21 maxi skirt / Maxi skirt, $24 / River Island maxi skirt, $31 / Boohoo maxi skirt / South New Maxi Skirt | Very.co.uk, $13 / Jameela Jamil Chiffon Maxi Skirt Very.co.uk, $9.44 / South Volume Maxi Skirt | Very.co.uk, $10

I've been wearing a lot of maxi/midi skirts over the past year, mostly quite garish floral ones I've found in charity shops but what with the rise in numbers of crop tops in my wardrobe, and the sudden flourish of colour (six months ago, most of the things I owned were black) I was after something floaty, high waist and plain for when I don't feel like wearing jeans.

Initially I wanted an opaque jersey maxi but after some consideration I decided that it'd probably make me look even shorter than I do already. The sheer maxi's aren't so blocky so they're more suited to my height.

I tried a few but I was looking for one that fits just above my belly button and comes to just below my calves. Being 5"3 I've struggled to find one that's tight enough round the waist and not so long I'm going to trip over it all the time (I'm super clumsy as it is so I don't need any more help tripping up). 

I found a couple of cute ones in Primark and Forever 21 and some super cheap ones on Very.co.uk but I settled on an American Apparel one that was half price on ASOS. It seems to be about the right length and their small's are usually a good fit. It doesn't have an underskirt but I have stuff I can wear under it and this also gives me more freedom to wear different lengths under it.


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