Tuesday, 25 June 2013

FILM: Wishful Thinking

The end of college is fast approaching & I've been quite busy the past few weeks finishing essays. My boyfriend has just started a new full time job, so I've been stuck indoors alone quite a bit. Not wanting to put on anything too distracting but interesting enough to keep me sane whilst writing about the history of the bra, I've taken the opportunity of having free reign of what to watch and been watching anything I can find on Netflix featuring Drew Barrymore.

Not one of her greatest films (she's great in it, but the film itself wasn't amazing), Wishful Thinking was worth watching purely for Ms Barrymore's wardrobe.

I've picked out my favourites below. (scroll through to see them all)

Drew Barrimore Movie Marathon by kouraanthrax on polyvore.com

The costume design was by a man named David C. Robinson, who (among a lot of other things) did the costume design for Zoolander. Mila Jovovich's outfits in that films are just amazing, expect a blog post on that at some point <3



  1. I love your blog ! Can you help me ?


  2. It's cool that you actually know who did the costume design. That's something people look over too often :p