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Dress / Jumpers sweater / Shirt / Sleeveless shirtCrop top / Nylon pants / Shorts / Bra top / Polka dot tights / Wellington boots  / AirBed / Sports bag / Backpack / Wu Tang pendant / Gold chain / Flower headband / Cateye sunglasses / Marc Jacobs perfume / Tent / Mermaid clips / Sleeping Bag / Wet wipes / Liquor Flask

So Bestival isn't for another two months but it's the start of festival season and I'm getting prepared early this year! The theme is 'nautical' so the natural costume choice is mermaid! I'll also be taking a lot of basics and travelling as light as possible and taking only essentials 'cause the worst part of the whole thing (other than the loos) is having to haul a tonne of stuff for 12 hours through all the queueing. 

Festival essentials

Camping stuff: The general rule seems to be - double the tent size for how many people there are. A one man tent is not comfortably big enough for one person and their stuff. So if there's two of you in a tent, you'll need a 4 man tent. Also, it's worth bringing a few items of clothing less to fit in an airbed. Nothing puts you in a worse mood for the day than getting a bad night's sleep and waking up achey. And depending on the time of year, bring an extra blanket or jumper to sleep in because it will get super cold, especially if you've been basking in the sunshine all day. 

Wet wipes: Not only are you going to want to make sure you take off your makeup before you pass out, if the showers aren't all that or the queues are ridiculous, you'll need these to freshen up!

Rain mac & wellies : You can never predict what the weather is going to do. Even if it's forecast clear skies and sunshine, there's a chance it will rain. This won't ruin your weekend but getting soaked through will, so be prepared for all circumstances.   

Sun glasses & sun tan lotion: I always buy a cheap pair of sunglasses for a festival because there are so many chances they'll get lost, broken or stolen. And no one wants to end up red and burnt, so lotion up!

Headscarf/hat & dry shampoo: You're looking at potentially 4/5 days without being able to wash your hair here. I recommend making sure you pack some dry shampoo and a bandana and going for the Rosie the Riveter look towards the end of the weekend.

Snacks: Even if you're planning to buy all your food there, it's worth bringing some for when you're drunk and need to line your stomach a bit. Ideally dry foods, high in carbs, that don't need refrigerating and wont stink your tent out once opened. Biscuits, crackers, crisps and cereal bars are all on my list. 

As with the sunglasses, I'd recommend not taking any items of clothing that are super special. I never take anything too expensive or irreplaceable because there's a chance it'll get wrecked, lost or stolen so I'll be taking primark basics and jewellery that I wont cry over if it get's broken. Also, I've taken my phone the past couple of years but it's really not worth it. The first year the battery ran out super quick and the second year, I managed to conserve battery but I couldn't get signal all weekend so it was useless as anything other than a camera. If you need to, get a cheap pay as you go phone and take a cheap digital or disposable camera! I always think 35mm photos are way nicer than digital anyway. Happy camping! <3


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