Sunday, 2 March 2014

Stay Rad

Hat - P&Co, Jumper - Ragged Priest, Jeans - Rokit, Shoes - Vans, Necklace & Earrings - Forever 21, 
graphics in photo - found here

So I've found myself complaining constantly about girls wearing cropped anything in this weather, and here I am being a hypocrite wearing one myself! I got this jumper in the sale at Topshop a few weeks ago and I absolutely adore it. Ragged Priest do some amazing pieces but they're usually a little out of my price range so when I saw this half price I had to get it!  (as well as a couple of other bits)

The jeans I got at Rokit last week. A pair of high waist Levi's (or similar) have been my Holy Grail for the past few months.  Finally they're mine and fit better than I ever could have imagined! They're such a massive staple piece that'll see me through Winter, Spring and even the gloomier days of summer. 

Whilst I have been making new purchases, I am also trying to clear out my closet a bit to make some space! I've listed some bits on ASOS Marketplace and I'll be listing some things on Depop soon! 

It's a cute and fun selling and buying app that's so simple to use. You can follow and like your friends photos and upload or buy things pretty much as easily as you upload and like photos on Instagram. If you haven't downloaded it already, I recommend checking it out!

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