Saturday, 20 July 2013


Sunglasses - Forever 21, shirt - charity shop, swimsuit top - Floozy, shorts - Levi's, shoes - Dr Martens

Sorry about the bikini shots, but I got this one in the sale at Debenhams for £20 and it's so adorable I just wanted to share it! 

It's been such a beautiful week! We spent a couple of days at Robs, his garden is so beautiful & he has a pool (!!) I live in a 2 bed terrace in the middle of Gillingham so a pool in the garden is something I've not encountered much/at all.

I'm wearing my DMs in 30 degree heat partly because they rarely leave my feet and also because I really need to get some sandals. Year after year I look and never find anything, I'm not a fan of feet and don't feel comfortable having mine on show so the options/styles are limited. There were some lovely ones at Topshop but alas I can't find them in my size :(
Maybe next year!



  1. Love your bathers, so cute! xx

  2. Your hair colour is awesome and that bikini is super cute x

  3. that first photograph really made me smile. it reminds meof my own childhood in which I used to be happy with just a ball to play with, happy days teehee :)

  4. Your hair color is super! And I wish I was swimming in a pool right now :))