Monday, 22 July 2013

MAKEUP: Eylure Dylash

In the rush of doing my makeup, adjusting my hair, checking my emails and eating my breakfast on the journey to work, I always seem to forget to put mascara on which is a bit of a pain because I have very light eyelashes and it just looks odd against the dark eyeliner I usually wear. 

I've been looking in to semi permanent makeup and wanted to try eyelash tinting for a while, so when I saw the Eylure Dylash kit in Superdrug for £3.75, I thought I'd try it out.

You can pick these up from Boots, John Lewis and lots of places online but I think Superdrug have it on offer at the moment because it's around £7 everywhere else. The Superdrug I went in to only had 'Blue/Black' but it comes in black, dark brown & brown too.

The kit includes: Dye & activator, protective pads, a mixing stick, applicator wand & (pictured below) a little tray to mix the dye in. You'll also need some Vaseline and wet wipes.

The application is quite straight forward:

Clean eyelashes 
Mix dye cream & activation fluid
Cover area around eye/lashes in Vaseline
Dampen pad & place under eye
Close eye & apply dye to lashes
Keep eye closed for 5-10 minutes
Remove dye with makeup wipes.

The concave shape of the mixing tray makes it really difficult to properly coat the mascara wand, so I'd recommend finding something flatter to mix the dye in. 
I also found it almost impossible to apply the dye with my eye closed.

I think it's just a case of finding out what works best for you. I was careful not to blink too dramatically and get dye everywhere, so having my eyes open during the development time wasn't too much of a problem. The instructions also say to do one eye at a time, which is obviously a good idea if you do intend to spend the 10 minutes development time with your eye(s) closed. If you don't, then you can probably save time and do both at once.

Left - before, right - after

My eyelashes didn't come out quite as dark as I had hoped but I was really pleased with how it tinted my eyebrows. It'll definitely save me some time doing my makeup in the morning, I might even manage to get it done before leaving the house! 


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